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After our award-winning program called "Learning Boats", we decided to do something bigger and more impactful... we decided to empower the creative community in rural Philippines. 

So... we created FOR THE LOVE OF LEYTE!

Together with partner NGOs, government agencies, academia and The Philippines Foundation  (TPF) works with women’s cooperatives across the Philippines and helps them to create beautiful handmade products & materials. Through retail partnerships, we then find markets for their products.


All of TPF’s sale are given directly back to the artisans.

At TPF, our work, our resources and our resolve are focused on bridging gaps, providing access and paving opportunities.


We do this several ways for our artisan women which include joining the international marketplace and providing access to working capital.

TPF is committed to providing sustainable jobs for women—proven to be the key to community development.


We partner with women-led, community-based organizations & cooperatives. 

TPF reaches out to the highly skilled and the beautiful artistry that is passed from one generation of women to the next in the Philippines.


We reinvest all of the proceeds from product sales into developing sustainable market access as well as providing training and funding to enable our partners to prosper and thrive well into the future.


TPF looks to partner with artisans & artisan group throughout the Philippines.


We help in the design and bring to market the fair trade, handcrafted products these artists produce.


We ensure that each artisan that creates products for TPF earns reliable, fair living wages and are plugged in to the digital world.

"By providing the digital infrastructure for our members, we feel like we could further enable our members to commercially transact and interact with a broader marketplace" -- Evelin Weber, Founder

We know you want to help but maybe you just don't have the time.  We completely understand. We think that you as a private citizen or a corporate entity, could always participate and make the difference with us. Help us help others.  So, get in touch directly with our founder.  evelin@thePhilippinesFoundation.org

We feel like to truly live life, you must go beyond yourself. At The Philippines Foundation (TPF), we don't consider your participation as charity... we see it as "getting involved".. So, contact us and see how you can get your hands dirty with our team.